A New Japanese Restaurant Is Now Open Off Powell

There’s A New Sushi Restaurant in Southeast Portland

A couple with experience at places like Sho and Tada Sushi has opened a Japanese restaurant off Powell Boulevard, with a menu of hibachi, poke, and sushi. Hamono Sushi[1] molds its nigiri into tiny little balls[2], topped with salmon and yellowtail; the maki rolls are hypebeast numbers stuffed with fried shrimp and topped with roe. The restaurant is now open at 3131 SE 12th for takeout, delivery, and onsite dining.

Oregonians Generally Don’t Love the Idea of a Beer, Wine, and Cider Tax increase

In its proposed budget, the Oregon Health Authority requests a beer, wine, and cider tax increase that would raise about $293 million for things like behavioral health treatment services[3]. The Oregon Beer and Wine Distributors Association sent out a press release opposing the tax increase, noting a survey conducted by Patinkin Research Strategies: Likely voters in Oregon were asked what they thought of the state’s beer taxes. 57 percent said the tax is ‘about right,’ while 24 percent said those taxes are ‘too high.’ Only 10 percent said the tax is ‘too low.’

In Other News

Fills Donuts has started serving its breakfast sandwich, with scrambled eggs, bacon, and chili aioli on a leftover doughnut[4]. [EaterWire]
RIP, Reel M Inn fried chicken sandwich: The iconic dive bar is retiring its pandemic-era special[5]. You have until Oct. 26 to grab one. [EW]
Trap Kitchen is going to start doing Sunday brunch in November[6]. [EW]

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